Graphisoft Park

1031 Budapest, Záhony u. 7.

Situated directly on the banks of the Danube in an 18-hectare green area. Its creators paid special attention to nature and the preservation of green areas. The buildings are surrounded by a lush grove, with the trees rising above them.

This is where the Main Race takes place, in one of the most modern, beautiful and friendly business districts of Budapest.

Sadly dogs aren’t allowed in the park. Have you brought your four- pawed friend along? Don’t worry, there is a riverside directly beside the business park, which is a good spot for dog-friendly activities. Please help us keep it in the same condition as we get it!


Photo: Graphisoft Park


1089 Budapest, Orczy út 46-48.

Located in the eighth district, the community center Gólya (“Stork”) stands as a testament to the city’s burgeoning grassroots and cooperative movements. It’s a meeting point for local activists, artists, and anyone interested in alternative culture.

The space features a rooftop (built with the help of community funding) and hosts a variety of events ranging from music concerts, film screenings, theater performances, to workshops, lectures, and panel discussions on subjects like social justice, sustainability, and local politics. Additionally, Gólya has a bar that serves a wide selection of drinks including locally brewed beers and organic wines, and a vegan/vegetarian-friendly kitchen providing meals at affordable prices.

The cooperative aims to not only foster community interaction but also serve as a model for sustainable local businesses. It encourages fair trade, cooperatively produced goods, and maintains an ethos of solidarity, fairness, and inclusivity.



1033 Budapest, Bogdáni út 1.

Voice-Beat offers a well-equipped space for music artists and bands in Óbuda, Budapest’s 3rd district. This is where creativity thrives, thanks to the excellent facilities like rehearsal rooms and a professional-grade studio.

The establishment is situated in a refurbished industrial setting, adding a gritty yet appealing ambiance to the place. Beside it, you’ll find a legal graffiti wall, a nod to Budapest’s vibrant street art scene.

Sprint Quay

1051 Budapest, Jane Haining rakpart

The city opens its quays to citizens on weekends. The usual heavy traffic gives way to families, friends, and lots of activities. Have a look around one of Budapest’s most beautiful river banks, cheer on the others or simply be the fastest over 500 metres!



Uphill Course

1037 Budapest, Táborhegyi út 25.

Just over half a kilometer (or a third of a mile) up the hill along a pair of gentle curves in an affluent residential neighborhood.

Come by, show us what you’ve got, or just cheer the others. They’ll need it.